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"Debbie has a way of making even the shyest of students feel comfortable and at ease, bringing the best out of them."

Price list


30 Mins = £20

45 Mins = £30

60 Mins = £40

Flexible booking system -  Cancellation notice

required 48 hours in advance where possible


6 Lessons for the price of 5

Save up to £40 - that's one whole lesson for free with this fantastic offer!

Previous Student Destinations!!

NB. Full DBS Enhanced Disclosure

Public Liability Insurance

Experienced Vocal Teacher with 16 years experience 

As a Professional Entertainer who has been active in the Performing Arts Industry for 17 years, I endeavour to pass on as much of my performance experience as I can in my lessons. Singing can bring you moments of pure joy and power, so alongside teaching various techniques and laying down the foundations to a safe vocal execution, I try to convey and install my absolute love of performing within my students.

I have been teaching both privately and within educational institutions for 16 years, including at the prestigious Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts.

"Debbie has helped my 8 year old daughter immensely. After an initial one hour lesson helping her to prepare for a west end musical audition, which she consequently got, she bought out a voice and confidence from my daughter which I had never heard or seen before. Since then, we now have weekly lessons with her which have proved to be invaluable not only as she has learnt so many techniques and musical knowledge but also as a genuine source of enjoyment during lockdown. Debbie has a way of making even the shyest of students feel comfortable and at ease, bringing the best out of them. I have happily recommended her to friends and family."

Kendra Hunt



What to expect from your lessons?


Initially we focus heavily on confidence building and freeing inhibitions, helping to eradicate any previous negative self-talk  regarding the voice - "I can't sing high", "My voice isn't strong enough", "I've never been good at Singing" ..... sound familiar? Once we are free from these restrictive thoughts and start believing that you will be able to do it, then you will gradually feel more comfortable with the sound of your own voice, and feel encouraged to practise more - ultimately leading to inevitable improvement!!

During the lessons you will learn breathing techniques, multiple warm up exercises focusing on increasing vocal range, pronunciation and accent work, pitching and tuning exercises and vocal flexibility.  We will then work on a variety of songs - either at your choice or as per my suggestions to increase your repertoire and enrich your training. 

How do the online lessons work?

Lessons are for 40 minutes using the communication software 'Zoom' to teach online classes. All you need for your lesson is to download Zoom onto a device (Computer/Ipad/Smartphone) and create a free account.  Your singing Warm Up exercises will be demonstrated on the piano and vocally through a microphone - it sounds as if I am right there in the room!  You also need an extra device to play your backing music from, whether you are using a backing track on youtube or a practise track I have sent to you.

How can I book my lesson?

Visit my 'Book a lesson' page or click here to book.

You will find a link to my online schedule where you can see all available time slots.  These may vary from week to week, but if you have a preferred time and would like a regular weekly session please check out the block booking options. Payment can be made via PayPal upon confirmation of booking your slot, or please contact me if you would like to  pay via BACS.


Last minute cancellations are inevitable from time to time so if your lesson is due within the next 48 hours and you need to rearrange your time, get in touch and I will do my best to reschedule where possible.



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